Busy Bake Day

Busy Bake Day

Yesterday was such a productive day in the kitchen preparing a 10’day paleo meal plan for one of my customers. It’s challenging yet fun to get back to basics cooking with fresh ingredients. Working with stock home made from beef bones or a chicken carcass (another old recipe from my grandma’s repertoire)

Delicious carrot & ginger soup, fish pie, chicken curry, chicken stew, chicken & apple patties, pork stroganoff, pork meatballs in mushroom sauce. Loaded sweet potatoes, parsnip chips, courgetti and apple pies with coconut pastry. All made with fresh ingredients from scratch.

Knowing what goes into your food and omitting unnecessary additives and preservatives is essential to maintain a healthy gut. Everything is gluten free too.

Part two of my day was making mince pies with my granddaughter as she entertained me singing A Million Dreams and This is Me, from The Greatest Showman.

Life is great…