About Us

Welcome to my page.
Over 10 years ago my husband was diagnosed as a coeliac. Over the years gluten free products have become more readily available and taste better. However, there is still a lot of work and educating to do. ‘Gluten free’ isn’t a ‘fad diet’ lifestyle choice, or allergy, it is auto an immune disease.
We took the leap to find premises in Altrincham to set up a totally gluten free deli/eatery, giving coeliacs the confidence to eat without fear of cross contamination and without compromising on taste and quality.
Our totally gluten free deli opened on 28th April 2019 and since then we have had a wealth of visitors travelling from all over the country to see us, including some international visitors.
We have been truly overwhelmed by the lovely comments from our customers about our products and services, especially those who thank us for opening so that they can eat in safety and ironically are spoilt for choice.
We have been working on mastering the art of gluten free baking in order to expel the myth that gluten free means taste free!
Many of our cakes are also dairy & lactose free.
If you are following a vegan diet we also have a choice of sweet & savoury vegan options on our menu.
We are constantly adapting our menu, and where possible use locally sourced produce.
Our cheese counter is filled with an array of cheeses from independent cheese makers, many of which have their own herd of cattle for milking.
Our cakes, pies, quiches and chutneys are all made fresh on site in our kitchen.
We have a selection of quality gluten free products for purchase along with the delicious hand crafted gluten free Gradz bread which many non coeliac customers buy. It’s based on a sour dough recipe, but is lighter than some of the traditional sourdough breads available.
We also produce whole cakes, tarts,birthday cakes, pies and quiches freshly made to order.
We are happy to cater for that special occasion and can adapt a menu to suit your requirements.
If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do get in touch.x

My Baking

I have been working tirelessly on mastering the art of gluten free baking since my husband was diagnosed. I was determind to expel the myth that gluten free meant taste free.

The only ingredient that I substitute is the flour. I use a blended mix of gluten free flours. My tried and tested recipes are adapted from traditional methods that my dear old grandma Watson taught me.

I have been baking since the age of 7 years old and always had a passion for experimenting with ingredients. I strongly believe the ‘recipe’ to successful baking is not to be afraid to play around with ingredients.

Baking isn’t just a science it’s an art. So get in the kitchen and enjoy having fun with ingredients.


My History

My husband Dave was diagnosed coeliac over 10 years ago during a time when it was difficult to buy decent quality gluten free products, that actually tasted nice. Over the years I have researched and adapted recipes to create gluten free food that tastes as good as food with gluten.

Having an autoimmune disease like coeliac doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some of your favourite foods.

I recently left a career in the corporate world to follow my passion for cooking and my dream to eventually open a deli. This dream has evolved into a vision to open a totally gluten free deli. That dream is now a reality and I’m loving every minute of my adventure.

I sometimes stand in my kitchen and think, wow is this really my place, am I really here?

I hope you will follow me as I continue on my journey.



All of our products are freshly made in our gluten free kitchen and individual pies, quiches and cake slices can be purchased in the shop.

If you require a family sized pie, quiche or cake, please call in or ring with your requirements. You can also order some of our products for postal delivery here on our website.

Special occasion? Celebration/birthday cake?

We can cater for your party. Just give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.

Family pies, quiches and cakes can be made to order, we just require 48 hours notice.

Business lunch? We are happy to help..


Private Catering

Whether you’re planning a dinner, hosting a corporate event, or holding a special party, Off The Wheaten Track can cater for intimate events. We can provide a spread of delicious gluten free dishes, prepare canapés or finger-food. All our food is prepared in a completely gluten free environment, so that there is no risk of cross contamination. Please call Hayley to discuss your individual requirements.