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Cheese Wedding Cake

Bespoke Cheese Wedding/Celebration cakes made to order.

We will help you choose your favourite cheeses and build a wedding cake to suit your budget.

A Simple Guide to help you.

  • 70-100g of cheese is ideal for an after dinner course.
  • We suggest up to 200g if it’s the main attraction.
  • Make sure your cake has a good balance of different flavours, textures and colours of cheese types (hard, soft, blue).
  • Order well in advance to ensure we can track down any of those more obscure cheeses.
  • As the tiers of the cheese cake get smaller near the top. To ensure all your guests have the opportunity to taste every cheese, you can order a few extra of the smaller cheeses should you wish.
  • Decorations such as flowers, fruit, ribbons can be used to create the perfect cake.
  • Most importantly speak to us so that we can guide you through the process to achieve your dream cheese tower.
  • Make us aware of any allergies.
  • We can also offer accompaniments such as home made chutneys and piccalilli.
  • All our consultations are free of charge.
  • Prices start from £60.00
  • A deposit of £25 will be required when you place your order.
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